Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Handsoap with Style

I found these neat soap sleeves from Bath & Body Works made for their anti-bacterial soaps. I bought one for the bathroom and the kitchen. I plan on buying more as new designs come out. Now you don't have to just have a plain plastic bottle on your sink and don't have to refill the decorative ones. Just change the sleeve ad update your sink style.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Sparkle and Shine

I know everyone has that one piece of jewelry that they wear on a regular basis that is their favorite. I have several pieces, like my diamond stud earrings and rings that I wear just about everyday but sometimes they seem to look dull and dirty. Since I can't run to the jewelers each time this happens I found a gadget that can clean your jewelry just a well. The at home ultrasonic jewelry cleaner is so handy and keeps your jewelry sparking. I got mine at the department store for about $30, so worth it! 
So be sure to clean your BLING!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Gadget for Cooks!

Rice is a great side dish with all its varieties and flavors. But some rice takes so long to cook and who wants to baby-sit it on the stove. Not everyone eats enough rice to justify a large rice cooker. I found this Microwave Rice Cooker from Pampered Chef and love it. All you do is add the rice and measured water to the cooker and put in the microwave. A lot of packages have the microwave directions already printed so what could be easier, set the time and go do something else until the beep goes off. Then enjoy!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Hobbies Need Gadgets Too!

So everyone either has or is looking for their next hobby. Well, Books are my current hobby and new found passion. I always hated to read in school but now its all changed. Thanks to Santa for bringing me my new Kindle Fire to help with my passion. I take my books everywhere, even on my phone with the Kindle App. My friends and I started a new book club "Provisions and Paperbacks" where we pick a new book every two weeks and meet to discuss and partake in a little sustenance. What a great way for a gadget to lead into a girls night. We met last week and everyone pulled out our E-Readers or iPads ;-), That's when I knew we were in the gadget world. Happy Reading!